Life is a story.

Record yours today with My Memory Lane.

My Memory Lane is a personalized book filled with your memories, stories, advice and photos. We listen, record, and bind your stories in a hardcover or softcover book. This is truly an "experience" product!

Your memories
Your stories
Your legacy

Enjoy the process of retelling your life and let us take you down My Memory Lane.
We help you to capture your  life stories and preserve your memories for generations to come.

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"My Memory Lane is a personalized record of your unique life."

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Leaving your life story, history, and personal legacy has never been so easy.
Memory Lane is a custom book that allows you to retell your stories
and leave your words in a bound book for generations to come.

Just follow these simple steps:

Step One:

Contact memory lane for a free consultation

Step Two:

Book your interview time and decide on one of our packages

Step Three:

Memory Lane will contact you at a pre-arranged time and the interview will commence

Step Four:

Within 3 weeks of your interview Memory Lane will ship your package directly to you
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I made a book to give my daughter for her birthday. She cried when she got this, she was so happy! She loved reading all about my history, and learned stories she never knew. Everyone at the party read the book and couldn’t stop talking about it.

Murial B. Age 81

I wanted to give my dad something unique for his birthday. I didn’t know what to get a senior man in his nineties, and then I stumbled upon this book. I set up an interview for my dad and he loved talking to someone about all of his old war stories. When we got the book, I immediately ordered an extra for me and my two brothers. A must for everyone!

SUSAN K. Age 56

I bought the platinum package for my Dad last year. Reading the book I could hear my Dad’s voice come alive in the pages. This past year, he passed away and it is so comforting to know that he will live on through the pages of this book.

DAWN P. Age 62

I heard about this book from a friend, and my wife and I decided to get one done afterwards. The interview was so easy, and took me back to my childhood memories. When our books came, we each read the other’s book, and even though we have been married for 50 years, I learned things I never even knew about my wife!

HAROLD C. Age 75

This book sounded so much like my Mom. You captured all of her stories, her language, and the way she could tell her stories- a way no one else can. Her spirit lives on through this. Thank you so much.


My husband was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer. He didn’t have much energy, but wanted a way to keep his legacy alive. This book not only gave him peace in retelling his stories, but is a keepsake for his young children as well, and a way for them to know their father even though he isn’t here anymore. Thank you so much.



My Memory Lane
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What kind of images can be included?

These can be any photos you have. They can include old photos that are black and white, or more recent photos. A lot of times, they are childhood photos, wedding pictures, family pictures, etc.

What is the time frame?

On average, from the time we do the phone interview it takes about 1 month until you have the copy in your possession. Of course, there are always variables but the average time frame is 1 month.

How long is the interview phone call?

The average interview phone call will take 2 hours, this can be divided up into two 1 hour increments, or we can schedule to interview in the entire 2 hours.

How do I get the images to you?

There are two options. One is that you can directly email us at:


Send us any pictures you have on your computer, or have scanned and can send to us. If emailing, in the subject line, please put your name. The other option is you can send us your old photos by mail, we can scan and upload the images digitally, and then send you back your old photos through the mail.

How do I get started?

Once we receive your payment then we can book a time slot and begin the interview process. We can interview you at any time that works for you-we have flexible hours so that you can share your memories in the convenience of your home, at a time that works for you. If you are ready to get started we can process the payment and book you a time slot now. Click here to book your free consultation today, and set up an interview time!

Our mail address is:

65 Donly Drive
Simcoe, Ontario, N3Y 0C2
P: 1 888 663 6606



Audio CD
1 Soft Cover Book
10 Pictures
Picture Insurance


shipping included


Audio CD
1 Hard Cover Book
2 Soft Cover Books
15 Pictures
Picture Insurance


shipping included


2 Audio CDs
4 Hard Cover Book
20 Pictures
Picture Insurance


shipping included


1 Soft Cover Book $29.99 - 3 Soft Cover Books $69.99
1 Hard Cover Book $49.99 - 3 Hard Cover Books $109.99
Additional Pictures - $7.99 each
Audio CD $19.99 - 3 Audio CDs $39.99

shipping not included
Interviews are conducted in the Simcoe Area

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